Here’s to a great 2018

We live in interesting times.

It’s been the year in which the term ‘fake news’ became part of our vocabulary. Donald Trump was sworn in as the USA’s 45th President, hurricanes have been worse than usual and 2017 was set to be one of the hottest years on record in the world.

Not that these four facts are connected, of course.

On a local level, businesses have been born, a few have died and others, such as John Bright  Fencing, have flourished, year after year. In 2017, this thriving company celebrated 35 years of being in business.

Here’s M and M (Max and Margery) in the wheelbarrows with, from left, Beth, Bridget and John Bright. Picture: John Gurd

The year also saw Dorset law firm Kitson & Trotman launch its first student bursary. Nicole Hannon from Weymouth was the worthy recipient and the £1,000 she’s received will help with her studies to become a lawyer.

Richard King, Nicole Hannon and Stephen Jones. Picture: Margery Hookings

The bursary is open to students from local schools and colleges and the fund makes a vital contribution towards books, tuition fees and living expenses. Students also have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with Kitson & Trotman which keeps in touch with their progress.

In 2017, we at M&M have been involved in event planning, direct mail marketing, advertising campaigns, design, photography, press releases and social media.  Oh yes, and hedge laying.

It’s been a busy old year, just as we like it.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2018 for everyone.




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