Black Friday. What’s it all about?


Sales, offers, deals. Black Friday began when people had the day off after Thanksgiving and did a little shopping for Christmas presents.

Or did it?

1869. The first Black Friday…in September

autumn-2902577__340The day the US gold market crashed. Blame Jay Gould and Jim Fisk who went on a gold buying spree to inflate the price and got their fingers burned. They weren’t the only ones. When the market nose dived many were left bankrupt.

Philadelphia in the 1950s


Police in the city coined the term to describe a convergence of Thanksgiving shoppers and supporters of the annual Army and Navy football game played on that day. Retailers enjoyed one of the best times of the year, going from being in the red to black. However, police leave was not allowed on this day and shifts were long. Not so good.

Black Friday – you can see where everyone’s coming from.

1961 Big Friday


Feeling Black Friday was giving the wrong message, retailers called it Big Friday. Mmm.

1980s Red to Black is back


Bigging up the red to black idea, businesses got to work pushing the positive side of Black Friday and downplaying the negative. The rest is retail history.




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