Christmas ads. Joy or just painful?


It’s that time of year again. The fireworks are barely soggy before the big brands bang out their Christmas commercials. Today’s little piece of cheer is from M&S.

SPOILER ALERT: It features Santa, presents, more snow than in the whole of Scotland and…Paddington. The bear not the station.

I like a bit of comfort and joy but I’m also bracing myself for a tidal wave of tinsel over the next six and a half weeks. John Lewis is next and they’ve teased us already with a huge pair of eyes and #UnderTheBed

So that’s where all the tax avoiders are hiding.

Asda gets my vote for the best music so far – Don’t Stop – because wherever Fleetwood Mac plays, I’m in. Their tag line is simple but strong, promising exactly what you want to hear about festive everything: Best. Christmas. Ever.

Best use of ears goes to Argos which manages to mash up Artificial Intelligence with retro looking Thunderbird spaceships and a sprinkling of Vulcan elves.

For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Woolworths, so here’s a blast from that past.

That funny looking thing with keys? It’s a typewriter…

Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas ads everyone.






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