Meet, greet and eat. Our Melplash Show

You could hear his Aussie tones echo around the grounds. The Sheep Show was up and running, all Crocodile Dundee meets David Attenborough. Kids and grown ups were enthralled learning about different sheep breeds alongside a blast of Bob Marley. If you get the chance, it’s a must see.

Nearby was Just Gin(ish), a brilliant mobile bar run by Kim and her daughter (they look more like sisters) and even though it was time for elevenses and I was tempted, I decided to pace myself and headed for a cup of tea with a slice of lemon.

Kitson &Trotman solicitors had a fund raising raffle for Julia’s House, some very nice canapes (thank you) and then there was cake and a warm welcome from Grandma Janet on the John Bright stand, which eventually won best in show – congratulations!

I love the fact this is a traditional agricultural show and there were orange sheep (from Mars?), goats a go go, cows, bulls, pigs, and the biggest shire horse I have ever seen.

One of the highlights was the Cossack riders from the incredible Stampede Stunt Company who rode through fire and did the most amazing acrobatics on horseback. Just when I thought it was safe to look they were risking life and limb again. Seriously, DO NOT try this at home.

And then there was the quirky side. A giant Minion. A huge inflatable duck called Derek (we are Derek fans – he lives with Glenn and Jason at Elite Spas) and a very tall man called Professor Grump with a sprouting hat. When the clouds threatened their worst and it turned a little chilly, I found solace at Country Mouse Gifts surrounded by cashmere, cosy throws and treats for your toes.

Which reminds me. I walked over eight miles yesterday to, from and at The Melplash Show. Good job, because there was enough cake, ice cream and delights to fill West Bay.

See you next year.





















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