Is Broadchurch good for business?

broadchurchLast summer I was standing in the car park at West Bay about to take a selfie with David Tennant, only to find my phone battery was dead. Another Broadchurch victim. I watched the former Dr Who chat with a little boy and his mum and I’m pleased to report their phone camera was alive and well.

We locals got used to seeing Olivia Coleman don her very cool sunglasses when filming was done and the pier decked with twinkly lights on a sunny afternoon. We heard Lenny Henry’s laugh echo across the shingle and even the sea gulls seemed to behave – I witnessed no ice cream cone diving.

Now the series is back on screen, what does it mean for Bridport, West Bay, Bridehead House in Little Bredy and Washingpool Farm to be in the spotlight?

This series has raised important issues about rape victims and their treatment. The Electric Palace is screening the final episode live with a Q&A with writer Chris Chibnall after, raising money for Dorset Rape Crisis & The Sexual Assault Referral Centre. Tours of Bridehead House are also planned to help raise money for these organisations and the local village church.

Whilst the stunning scenery is another character in the series it proves that even the most harrowing tale can be made to do good and leave a legacy for the local community.

Any if you’ve any idea who done it, please let us know your theories. Ours change every episode.

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